1. Souldynamic - Black Night (Funk Purpose Vol.4) Samosa Records

  2. Most Downloaded "2020"

  3. Souldynamic - Desert Blues (Excedo Records)

  4. Rockin' (Souldynamic Boot Mix)

  5. Soul Essential Re-works Vol.2

  6. Disco Edits & Boots "Full Pack"

  7. Disco Classics (Re-Worked) Vol.2

  8. Disco Classics (Re-Worked) Vol.1

  9. Afro Essential Edits

  10. Edits & Boots Series "Full pack"

  11. Excedo Records Essential Pack

  12. Estou Contigo (Souldynamic Re-work)

  13. Soul Essential Re-Works Vol.1

  14. Souldynamic - West Side of Afrika (Samosa Records)

  15. I Love your Love (Souldynamic Re-Work)

  16. Soul Edits & Boots "Full pack"

  17. Souldynamic Gems from R&F (Gamm)

  18. Essential Disco (Edits & Re-Works)

  19. Disco Breakdown (Souldynamic Re-edit)

  20. Feel it (Souldynamic Re​-​edit)

  21. Street player (Souldynamic Brass Re-edit)

  22. I Knew That Love (Souldynamic Re-Work)

  23. Didn't know (Souldynamic Boot Mix)

  24. George Duke - Brazilian Love Affair (Souldynamic Re-Work)

  25. Excedo Records "Full Pack"

  26. Afro Edits & Boots "Full pack"

  27. Praise You (Souldynamic Re-Work)

  28. Tolama (Souldynamic Re-Work)

  29. Ne te fache pas (Souldynamic Boot Mix)

  30. Souldynamic - Mizar EP (Excedo Records)

  31. Souldynamic - Chameleon EP Vol.3 (Excedo Records)

  32. Souldynamic - Chameleon EP Vol2 (Excedo Records)

  33. Souldynamic - Chameleon EP Vol1 (Excedo Records)

  34. Souldynamic ft. Rich Medina - Addiction (Excedo Records)
    Souldynamic, Rich Medina

  35. Souldynamic - Excedo (Excedo Records)

  36. Love TKO (Souldynamic Boot Mix)

  37. So many tears (Souldynamic Boot Mix)

  38. Young Africa (Souldynamic Re-Work)

  39. Yes you're my baby (Souldynamic unreleased mix)

  40. Keep on movin (Souldynamic Re-edit)

  41. Caminho Livre (Souldynamic Boot Mix)

  42. Sierra Leone All Stars - Mother in Law (Souldynamic Bootleg)

  43. Say Yes (Souldynamic Boot Mix)

  44. Evelyn Champagne King - Shame (Souldynamic Re-Edit)

  45. Jean Carn - Was That All It Was (Souldynamic Re-edit)

  46. Ledisi - In the morning (Souldynamic Bootleg)

  47. Patti LaBelle Somebody Loves You Baby (Souldynamic Bootleg)

  48. Lisa Fischer - How Can I Hease The Pain (Souldynamic Bootleg)

  49. Alicia Myers - I Want to Thank You (Souldynamic Re-edit)

  50. Adja Soumano - Dja Dja (Souldynamic Bootleg)

  51. Lonnie Liston Smith - A Song for the Children (Souldynamic Re-Edit)

  52. Pamela Williams ft. Patti Labelle, Teena Marie - The Secret Garden (Souldynamic Re-edit)

  53. Carly Simon - You belong to me (Souldynamic Re-edit)

  54. Zhané - Groove Thang (Souldynamic Boot Mix)

  55. Lamont Dozier - The One (Souldynamic Bootleg)

  56. Disco Circus (Souldynamic Re-Work)

  57. The Jones Girls - Who Can I Run To (Souldynamic Re-edit)

  58. Revelation - Feel it (Souldynamic Re-edit)


Souldynamic Italy

dj & production duo running their own records label Excedo. Performed for Boiler Room, producers of Equatoriale, played by the legend Lil Louis at Concrete Paris. In 2017 they released their debut album Origins and remixed tracks for Louie Vega and many other artists and labels of the underground club scene. ... more

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